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If you like to play solitaire card games and you like to play for free then you've come to the right place. Free Play Solitaire gives you the opportunity to play free solitaire games online but unlike most online solitaire games, you play ours against the clock for points. The faster you play, the higher your score. Compete against other players online for a place on the hi-score tables which display the best scores achieved each week from around the world. We think you'll find these free online solitaire games to be the most addictive you've ever played as you compete against some of the best solitaire players from around the world.

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Free Online Solitaire Games

All the following solitaire games are played against the clock for points and have their own global hi-score tables for weekly competitions.

Free Spiderette Solitaire

Play Free Online Spiderette

Same rules as Spider Solitaire but using one deck instead of two makes it much quicker and easier to win.
Free Spider Solitaire

Play Free Online Spider Solitaire

An all time solitaire favourite.
Free Klondike Solitaire

Play Free Online Klondike Solitaire

When people mention solitaire, or patience, as it's known in England, they usually mean Klondike.
Free Pyramid Solitaire

Play Free Online Pyramid Solitaire

Demolish the pyramid by removing pairs of cards that total 13.
Free Canfield Solitaire

Play Free Online Canfield Solitaire

This well known solitaire game is also known as Demon.
Free Golf Solitaire

Play Free Online Golf Solitaire

Golf is a high speed game that's a lot of fun while being easy on the brain cells.
Free Alternations Solitaire

Play Free Online Alternations Solitaire

Alternations is a fun solitaire game using two decks of cards.

Un-Scored Solitaire Games

If you find the above timed solitaire games too stressful then you can play them without scores:

Spider Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire

Canfield Solitaire

Spiderette Solitaire

Golf Solitaire

Alternations Solitaire

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