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Each player is allowed one entry on the Golf global leaderboard. If you achieve more than one score then your lower score will be removed. This helps prevent the leaderboard filling up with scores from the same player. The scores reset at midnight PST every Sunday and Last Week's Best players are shown on the right.

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  • Objective: Transfer all the cards from the seven columns to the single waste pile as quickly as possible.
  • Click on one of the seven exposed column cards to start the waste pile.
  • All building occurs on the waste pile. Click on a single exposed column card to build on the waste pile either up or down in rank, regardless of suit; e.g.
  • You may "turn the corner" by placing an Ace on a King or a King on an Ace.
  • When no more cards can be transferred from the seven columns, click on the stock to deal a card to the waste pile.
  • For more detailed information about Golf Solitaire, please click here.
Last Week's Best
1st GAME OVER MAN110250:25
2nd Bye Bye Trumpy110030:27
3rd Trump Sux110030:27
4th lul110030:27
5th 109920:28
6th Edetka 13109920:28
7th Richard109920:28
8th mira109920:28
9th TRAITOR TRUMP 109810:29
10th 109810:29
11th 109810:29
12th aksile109810:29
13th 109810:29
14th Sofinka109810:29
15th JAIL TRUMP109810:29

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